Dr. Hahnemann and the Cholera Epidemic of 1831*

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Homeopath Siegfried Letzel discusses the cholera epidemic of 1831 in Europe, prior to modern medical knowledge, and Hahnemann’s insight into the disease and development of an effective approach to treating it.

These days will be entered in the history books as the “Corona Crisis” – less from the medical but rather from the economical point of view. With all the constraints and sacrifices the broad society is suffering, the focus now is on improving medical care by providing a sufficient number of intensive care beds and medical ventilators. It will be interesting to know how the scenery was at the time when modern scientific medicine had not evolved.

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Some historic views on Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine

News from Siegfried: Some historic views on Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine, edition 5.5
Dear friends in homeopathy,

Richard Haehl, a German homeopath and author of the famous two volume biography of Dr. Hahnemann, once purchased Hahnemann’s bequest with financial support of William Boericke and James W. Ward… INCLUDING THE ORGANON MANUSCRIPT FOR THE 6TH EDITION!
The original manuscript and one out of two handwritten copies today are under the care of UCSF – The University of California San Francisco.
Both of these extraordinary historic items are online. 
The manuscript is Dr. Hahnemann’s own printed copy of the 5th edition, added with his notes for the 6th edition. The copy is the one used by Haehl for the 1921 original print of the 6th ed.

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2 Millionen Ärzte für Homöopathie in Indien

2 Millionen Ärzte für Homöopathie in Indien: Interview mit Dr. Sudin Kumar über Praxis und Forschung im größten Land der Homöopathie

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„Da Homöopathie weltweit eingesetzt wird, schaue ich im Homoeopathiewatchblog auch immer wieder über den deutschen Tellerrand in andere Länder. Indien ist das Land der Superlative für Homöopathie, z.b. nutzen 2 Millionen Ärzte die Therapie“ weiterlesen …..

Wanted: #representatives and partners for #cures and #treatments in #India.

Content outline of my talk to delegates of the #IHMA ( Indian Homeopathic Medical Association ) at the 2. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in the International Hahnemann Zentrum, #Torgau, given on 10th April 2019.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests, I have the honour to adress you. My name is Georg von

Nessler . I was raised in 3 cultures, former professor for international marketing in tourism and marketing consultant with worldwide working experience for international corporations and governmental institutions.

1.I have set up the following suggestions and agenda, to be turned into action with partners in India and Germany.

Wanted: #representatives and partners for #cures and #treatments in #India. weiterlesen

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